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GNC was founded as a youth club team in 1968. By 1996 we had 6 senior teams playing in the Somerset League, all named after roads & streets found in Galmington, Taunton. The original 6 GNC teams were named Galmington, Trident, Hovelands, Claremont, Parkfield and Queensway.

In 1998, the Galmington team qualified to compete in the South West Regional League where they still compete today in the top division.

In 2006 Trident too gained entry to the South West Regional League. In 2019/20, Trident will compete in South West Regional League 3.

In 2007 a 7th senior team was formed.  It was named ‘Newbarn’. In the same season GNC launched a High 5 section of the junior club (rebranded to ‘Bee Netball’ in the 2019/20 season) welcoming players aged 7-11.

In 2013 Comeytrowe was formed, an 8th senior team entered in to the Somerset League competition.

The 2017/18 season saw Hovelands finish top of the Somerset Premier Division which gained them automatic entry in to a play off for a South West Regional League 3 spot. Hovelands were successful and so made their South West Regional League 3 debut in September 2018 and continue to compete in this league today.

The England Roses winning the Common Wealth Games gold medal in 2018 contributed to a surge of new members joining GNC for the 2018/19 season. The introduction of a Back 2 Netball section of the senior club saw women flock to give netball a go. Meanwhile further interest in competitive senior club netball lead to the creation of ‘Highfield’ – GNC’s 9th Somerset League team.

The Liverpool based Netball World Cup in 2019 saw GNC grow even further, with ‘Manor’ (GNC’s 10th Somerset League team) being created in the 2019/20 season.



GNC is recognised by England Netball as a silver CAPS club.

CAPS stands for Club Action Planning Scheme; which is a programme designed to captivate you (the club member) and the netball club. It aims to support clubs to deliver a quality netball development programme and operate in line with best practice.


CAPS is aligned to the Sport England Clubmark accreditation scheme which is the only National cross sports quality accreditation scheme for clubs with junior sections. It is built around a set of core criteria which ensure that accredited clubs operate to a set of consistent, accepted and adopted minimum operating standards.

In essence, the CAPS award shows that GNC is an effective, quality and child frienfly netball environment.

For more information on the CAPS programme visit the England Netball website




The GNC Committee is responsible for shaping, sustaining and developing the club. The Committee meet every 6 – 8 weeks to discuss any matters arising and all committee members provide a progress update on the area for which they lead.

All meeting minutes can be made available on request. Further information as to how the GNC Committee operates is detailed in the GNC Constitution.


The current GNC Committee is made up of the following; Chair (Lydia Reeves); Vice Chair (Polly Land) Safeguarding Officer (Sarah Sherring); Treasurer (Tanya Contreras); Secretary (Nicki Berzina);  Lead Player Forum Representative (Rachelle Billington); Coach Development Lead (Lucy Fray);  Officiating Development Lead (Becky Squire); Social Secretary (Paige Davey); Junior Administrator (Nic Wainwright); and Publicity Lead (Lily Adam)


Club awards are presented at the end of each season. Each team has a 'Player of the Year' award and an award is also given for 'Club Person of the Year' which is to recognise special effort by a club member. For previous award winners please click here


The accolade of Honorary Life Member is bestowed on a person who is deemed to have made a significant contribution to GNC over a long period of time.

This award is a life membership, giving the person affiliation to GNC free of charge. The award is made following a nomination by a GNC Committee members and being voted on by the remainder of the GNC Committee.

There are currently 8 honorary life members. They are: Lin Barker, Carol Manley, Helen Brunt, Nigel Manley, Rebecca Squire, Sue Cooper (not pictured), Nicky Towell (not pictured) & Abbie Barker (not pictured)




"Providing every member, wherever they are on their netball journey, the opportunity to thrive as part of a supportive community club."



Galmington Netball Club (GNC) is a silver CAPS accredited club based in Taunton Somerset. We are a thriving club, determined to help Somerset and the South West develop top level players. We recognise that we have a role to play in developing players and teams that strengthen the Somerset and South West Regional Leagues.

We are fully committed to the development of players, coaches, umpires and all of our volunteers, striving to give people the opportunities that might enable them to excel in their field.

We strive to be better whilst maintaining a club culture in which EVERY club member feels valued, respected and engaged.

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